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Everybody gets tired.

Just finished watching “My Bestfriend’s Wedding” this morning and I got inspired to write what touched me today.

We keep wishing for a fairytale story, finding that man/woman of our dreams that we tend to not pay attention to the people always there, willing to be that person we long wish for beacause we think they’re just there and not leave, just that easy.

When will we realize that LIFE IS SHORT TO BE WASTED? One or two people might have that strength and patience to love you and wait till you get to love them back, but until when? Nobody knows! So spend wondeful time with them, say what you truly feel, stop waiting and start moving. Don’t wait for the time that they choose to love another just because they got tired of loving and waiting for you and you then you’re feeling regretful about it.



Good luck October 2012 batch of CPA board examinees!!!!

May 2010, I was exactly at the same situation (and emotion I must say) like all the other CPA hopefuls today…

Back in college, I wasn’t one of the brainy students in our batch. I didn’t really give much effort in studying my lessons because ever since I started schooling, I wasn’t the type who stays home, read books and all else a student must have done. I used to drink with other schoolmates right after (and sometimes in between) classes, did “kaartehan bonding moments with “malditaz“, head the cheerdance group and got myself more involved in some extra curricular activities. I copied my classmates’ answers on our homework just to have something sibmitted to our professors. I even had to cheat by adding “scores” on quizzes just to make sure we can reach the quota. I did everything to enjoy my college life and to survive one of hardest (as what others say) college courses.

November 2009, a year after graduation, I decided to take the board exams. I enrolled in CPAR for my review classes. I was already employed then and I thought of just giving it up so that I can focus more on my review.

I was then a full time reviewee by January 2010. I took up the weekend classes because since I was no longer working then, I can’t afford the daily school expenses (thank God for my family for the financial support! Haha), plus, I thought that spending the weekdays figuring out (in advance) all by myself the lessons would work. I inflicted a discipline to myself of waking up at 6am, jogging til 7 and studying from 8am til 6pm, and of course, PRAYING, EVERYDAY. I kept telling myself that NO TIME DESERVES TO BE WASTED so I must not, no ifs and buts.

With all those done together, I passed the exams and I am now a CPA.


I may have have passed through that but my journey doesn’t end there. More than just the license, I gained wisdom and a closer relationship with God. He was with me in the entire test and I am most grateful that yesterday, today, tomorrow, He’ll still be there no matter what.

So, if you believe you did your part, just lift it up to Him, and He’ll take charge! Good luck CPA board examinees!!!!!! God bless you all!!! :-*

Why do proprietors need to learn Accounting?

What keeps a business alive is the profit that it gets from what it has cost it. Maybe if you are in a field with no Accounting background, the first (or maybe the only) thing that would come into your mind when you hear a business going down is that consumers no longer buy what it offers. But digging deeper and analyzing the facts, its failure may also be due to incorrect pricing of the products/services. Volume of sales may be too high but the bottomline might still have a negative amount. Minimize the risk of losses due to pricing issues by:

1. Knowing your product. Be knowledgeable of all the bits and pieces of it, how it was fully made.
2. Knowing your costs.Everything you paid or have to pay for, from bringing it to where and what it should be, up to where it must be. Examples: delivery/transportation charges for bringing your raw materials to where it should be at, raw materials itself, overhead costs (i.e.,electricity, labor), and selling expenses necessary to let your products reach and be consumed by your market.
3. Know your competitors’ products’ prices. Dont’t set your prices too high that your target market will opt to side your competitors, nor set it too low it might not cover your costs.

These are some small issues we usually don’t notice but actually form part of the entirety of what the products’ prices should be, to wrap up a “sale” and earn a “profit”.

Volume of sales, selling prices and costs all deserve equal attention in your decisions for your business and its growth.

Don’t just SELL. Sell, at (or for) a PROFIT!

Moving Forward

I seem to be staying too long on the stage of waiting and thinking about LOVE and forgot the other important thing I should be strongly focused as well. My CAREER.


Life is a cycle that starts from
“getting started” >> “getting things done” >> “going on top” >>”falling down” >> “getting started again”.

Does love exist?

I am 26 years old and my longest relationship so far lasted only for 3 months. Oh well, my first official relationship was when I was in my first year in high school and lasted only for like a month. The others lasted for just like 3 to 4 weeks I cant remember the exact length and only one stood out for reaching 3 months which is one of the most special and unforgettable that Ive had.

But the funny thing is that two of my most painful and longest drama was none of those I was in. When I was in my second year in high school, I was so crazily into this guy whom I saw was the cutest guy in the campus! He was my heart’s desire for more than 2 years and I acted and set my mind like as if I was his without him knowing! Haha I cant remember when was the time I was able to say I’ve gone out from that stage but im just happy that I did.

Come 2010, there came a friend I used to hang out with during my first year in college. He just came from a 4 year relationship and just ended then so he was going out ang meeting up with old friends maybe to forget for a moment about what he was going through. I was happy to see him after a while since it was always fun having him around and I tell you that we never had a dull moment together. I liked him ever since and thought we have a chance to be “us”. Actually, at first I felt he was also on the same track. I almost had him. There was never a confirmation on the real score but I knew there was something. I prayed more than my usual telling God how much I like this guy and asked for wisdom and guidance to make us ready for the relationship because I knew he wasnt yet. God gave me a quick response. Just a week after the quasi official thingy, it ended. That hurt a lot but I kept telling myself that was God’s answer to my prayers. I related every sign I saw on the roads to it telling me not to lose hope on “us”. It’s been 2 years now and the waiting seems too long already. Everybody who’s been a part of this story has moved on except for me. Sad isn’t it?

But that’s life! I have no idea if that time of me meeting my match will ever come but I know whatever happens it is God’s plan for me and that’s the best. I may not have experienced a long and intense romantic love but I am sure it can be overpowered by His love which is unconditional, the truest, unselfish and PERFECT.

Testing is fun!

This is my first time to blog 🙂

Never did I think ill be doing it but just some thought of me today told me I should. So this is how it started…..

Today is Sunday and all I have donr so far is check my facebook, tweet, post pictures on instagram(which is actually having trouble since yesterday), cooked my own lunch and slept. When I got up I tweeted and randomly thought of having my own blog. I asked my friends Joyce and Ghel how I get started ans I got an immediate response from Joyce (maybe because Ghel was still sleeping). She told me I can download this thing on my fone and blog too so shoot! Im just done with my first ever! 🙂


Hello world!

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Happy blogging!